Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blogging... Fifth time successful?

So this would be the 5th time I have decided to start a blog! I guess I never really knew what I wanted to write about before, but now I do!!
I am going to share my sewing journey with you, I hope I don't bore you too much, I promise I will do my best to make my post's interesting enough that you don't fall asleep ;) So I am starting with how I got to here, today, totally addicted to Bonnie & Camille fabrics, Instagram, & neglecting my husband nightly to spend time with Jessie, my Janome, in my sewing room!!

I started sewing in 2010, I used PDF patterns to teach myself how to sew children's clothing, I loved it so much I started selling the items I was making. But around the start of last year I found myself not enjoying sewing as much as I used to, I hated even the thought of setting foot inside my sewing room ( & I LOVE my sewing room), orders started to feel like a chore & I knew that something had to change!

Annnnnnnd then I found Instagram!!! Oh my gosh... the hours I have spent scrolling through Instagram in the last 12 months!! All of these gorgeous ladies sharing their items they had made, quilts, mini quilts, quilt blocks, sewing accessories, HEXIES & the list just goes on & on! (not to mention my new found obsession with Bonnie & Camille fabrics, but I'll save that chat for another day!)

So I decided to make myself a quilt, I had seen a picture on Instagram, @stitchingrevival had posted a photo of Cluck Cluck Sew's Shortcake Quilt Pattern paired with Bonnie & Camille's Hello Darling fabric & I knew instantly that THAT was what I wanted to make for myself! It did take me a few months start to finish, but I completed my quilt top, it still needs to be quilted & I think I am nearly ready to attempt that myself.

I have made a few things over the last 12 months & I have enjoyed it so much, I am learning all the time, I am meeting so many lovely, talented, inspiring, helpful ladies on Instagram everyday!! My to make list is frightfully long... really, it is, I kid you not, I add to it daily!! I promise to show you once I have typed it up & it looks prettier LOL!

And there it is, my 1st blog post, are you still awake?? I hope so!! xx


  1. Wonderful first post...I didn't doze off at all, not even for a minute!

  2. Great first post!! I'm excited to watch your new adventure :D

  3. Great first post!! I'm excited to watch your new adventure :D

  4. Welcome to the blogging world and finally sharing not only what you love but what you do so very well xxxx

  5. Congratulations great 1st post, you have accomplished so much in such a short time, well done!!!

  6. Lovely post Sheena. Love the new name of your blog and IG. I didn't fall asleep. I have been following your creative journey for quite a while. I first saw you on facebook when you used to make beautiful children's clothing and now the quilt blocks and hexies you have been creating. Gorgeous makes!